Kenmei Technogies is committed to develop, apply, and disseminate, within the Company, the best practices, to identify, manage and mitigate security risks in compliance with law regulations, and in the belief that effective prevention and protection strategies are an ethical as well as an economic value in management and business activities.

1.    Purpose

This Policy establishes the main principles of conduct that are to govern the Company to ensure the effective protection of people, of hardware and software assets and of information, as well as of the privacy of the data processed, ensuring a reasonable level of security, resilience and compliance.

2.    Main Principles of Conduct

The Company promotes the following main principles:

  • Design a preventive security strategy, with a comprehensive overview, the objective of which is to minimize hardware and software security risks.
  • Develop specific defensive plans to protect critical infrastructure and to ensure the continuity of the essential services provided by the companies of the Group.
  • Ensure data protection of information, as well as the control of who has access to the information.
  • Have procedures and tools to fight against unauthorized access to the Company’s information.
  • Protect customer’s information against unauthorized access and have role-based access to this information.
  • Promote the culture of security within the Company by the means of communications and training activities.
  • The Company’s staff is required to complete an individual confirmation of their responsibility for the security of Kenmei’s information to which they are granted access and to take due care to protect the technology equipment assigned to them.
  • Collaborate with public security authorities having responsibility for public security matters and not interfere in the performance of their legitimate duties.