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Advanced Analytics

ADELE® platform provides advanced analytics capabilities that draw on its data consolidation and enrichment features. We provide a transversal solution that can connect to and process network related data within CSP networks and combine these with other data sets to provide enhanced insights and drive additional value for CSPs in decision-making processes.

AI Recomendation Engine

Automatic recomendations are provided for multiple use cases.

Improved Root Cause Analysis

Hidden issues arisen due to enrichment and correlation between sources.

Best Geolocation Accuracy

Best geolocation acuracy in the market and very accurate predictive analytics.

Corporate Integration

One solution with multiple views that allows a holistic understanding of the network.

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Leveraging AI for Mobile Network Operations

Data Fabric

We adopt the Data Fabric paradigm to provide a common framework for ingesting and enriching different data sources using a comprehensive cross-domain data model.

GEO Analytics

We have developed a GEO Analytics Web interface that allows the end-user to configure different dashboards to improve the visualisation of geographically data.

AI-Driven Operation

We provide Telco expertise to deploy AI-Driven Operation to implement the Telco-logic multiple Use Cases.


The use of Crowdsourcing and/or Call Traces allows the implementation of a very accurate geolocation analysis for different purposes, going from identification of network issues and anomalies to the geolocation of User Experience perception. ADELE® platform combines multiple data sources for providing geo-analysis to the traditional Telco Use Cases helping the CSPs to have a customer-centric perspective.


ADELE® platform provides a set of widgets designed for performing specific and advanced telco data analytics. These widgets include temporal evolution analysis, scatter plot analysis, spectral analysis, multi-tables and even recommendations based on advanced AI algorithms. All these widgets are very easily configured to define the analysis at different levels, going from cell level to geographical area level.

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ADELE® is the AI-based solution for Intelligent Network Operations

The Solution Value

ADELE® solution provides proven and secure Network Insights

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