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We Go Above
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Cloud Based

The Cloud Architecture and the integration of native Cloud Services ensures Fast deployments

Data Fabric

Data ingestion, clean-up, validation and correlation is performed to define Data-Driven Telco Use Cases

Telco Algorithms

Telco logic algorithms provide an accurate network modelling analysis and classification

All-in-one GUI

Easy to use GUI that help specific Use Cases configuration within a global Automation & Analytics framework

Data Fabric

Big Data & Cloud Native Solution

The Open Platform has been natively developed in Big Data and Cloud architectures that provides polyglot cloud deployment capabilities being able to use various services from multiple cloud providers.

Augmented Data Catalog

The modern ML augmented data catalog model automates the metadata discovery, data ingestion, translation, enrichment, and the creation of semantic relationships between metadata.

Multi-domain correlated Data Sources

A unified Data Model combines heterogeneous Data Sources including OSS counters, topology, CM, Call Traces and geolocated Crowdsourcing data to obtain valuable prescriptive analytics.

Telco AI Use Cases

Root Cause Analysis

Advanced Telco Logic algorithms allow an accurate network modelling analysis and classification for a more efficient and cost-effective actuation thanks to its AI-Based Recommendation engine.

Prescriptive Geo-Analytics

Prescriptive Geo-Analytics allows Customer Complaints anticipation by clustering and classifying the network behaviour helping the Mobile Operators to reduce their churn.


Historical and real-time data are ingested and managed for advanced ML analytics including automated pattern discovery, prediction and anomaly detection for Network Operations.


Holistic solution

From Data Fabric to Telco AI-Based Use Cases

Funded project

The ADELE Project, titled “ADELE, Network Intelligence and Automation”, has been co-financed by Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology and European Regional Development Fund in CDTI NEOTEC 2019, with reference number: SNEO-20191234.