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At Kenmei, we are synonymous with innovation, expertise, and a passion for tackling challenges head-on


Welcome to Kenmei, where innovation meets technology to redefine possibilities. Our passionate team of engineers is committed to crafting transformative solutions using cutting-edge technology. From AI advancements to sustainable applications, we're reshaping industries for a future of seamless integration and lasting impact. 



We want to improve the society life-experience through excellent mobile networks.


At Kenmei, we're dedicated to advancing telecommunications through expert-driven AI solutions, elevating network automation for unparalleled efficiency in the digital era.


Empowering a connected future, we envision Kenmei as a global leader, driving the forefront of telecommunications innovation with AI, fostering intelligent networks that seamlessly adapt to the evolving needs of a dynamic world.


At Kenmei, we value people, embrace diversity, and uphold unwavering quality commitments in everything we do.

Kenmei's head office in Valencia

Like any other technology company, Kenmei's story is filled with ups and downs, joys and disappointments, but always with enthusiasm, conviction, and the ambition to become the best in our industry, contributing a different and innovative vision.


Kenmei's fouders

Meet Our Founders

The founders of our company are seasoned Telecom Engineers and serial entrepreneurs, with a wealth of over two decades of invaluable experience in the industry.

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