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Apply AI to Network Operations

ADELE® is pioneer in the implementation of AI Ops for Mobile Operators

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ADELE® - Multi-Cloud Telco GEO Analytics Platform

Data Fabric

Ingest, enrich and build a comprehensive Telco Data Model

GEO Analytics

Configure your dashboards to geoanalyze distributed data

AI-Based Telco Use Cases

Productised Telco Use Cases based on correlated and different Data Sources

Why Kenmei?

Cloud Native

Full scalability to run on any cloud environment

Multi Data Domain

Ability to ingest and enrich multiple Data Sources.

Flexible & Adaptable

Growth based on your needs and Data-Driven strategy


ADELE® covers the whole Network Evolution life-cycle

User Stories

Virtual Drive Test

European Tier-1 Operator

The objective is to minimize the costs associated to new site deployments by maintaining the global network performance.

Operational Automation

LATAM Tier-1 Operator

The objective is to implement an automated solution being able to manage the Network Capacity issues and Augmented Analytics.

Proven Market Benefits

Cost Per New Integraded Site

Save hundreds of euros for each new deployed site by avoiding field test measurements.t

Operational Automation

Automated decisions with root-cause analysis reduce the required engineering efforts.

Data Processing Sinergies

Process only once the common network data sources and make then accessibility to every team.

Mean Time To Resolution

Hidden issues and anomalies are earlier identified with AI algorithms.

Proven Market Benefits

Innovation Awards

Kenmei Technologies receives support from IVACE through the INNOVA TeiC-CV program

Kenmei Technologies will be at Ignite Copenhagen, the largest TM Forum event ever!

Know more about Kenmei Technologies' AI-based network automation solution

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Ready to move forward with your analysis?

Dive into ADELE® to learn more about the unique Telco GEO Analytics Platform in the market.

Control your Network.

Make decisions.

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