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​Innovation courses through our veins, defining the very essence of who we are: the Kenmakers

Kenmei's office in Valencia

​Explore diverse testimonials from Kenmakers, featuring individuals with various profiles, expertise, and across different departments.



Kenmakers' stories: hear what they say

"From the very beginning, I've experienced a unique sensitivity at Kenmei regarding my bilateral hearing loss. This difference has been truly impactful for me. Being part of a team that effortlessly accomodates, extends a helping hand, and values diversity is indeed a genuine privilege."

People & Talent Director

"Kenmei has provided me with the opportunity to have my first 100% remote experience, offering enough freedom and confidence to leave me more than satisfied. Despite the distance, I feel like a part of this family, and thanks to the periodic team-building events, I can get to know and build closer relationships with my colleagues. Remote work makes both personal and professional development possible!."


Delivery Services Engineer

"I appreciate the large family of professionals with whom I have the pleasure of working at Kenmei, and who have helped me grow both professionally and personally."

Technical Authority

At Kenmei, our Core Values are more than just guiding principles; they are the foundation that shapes our culture and defines our identity. Rooted in a commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation, these values drive every aspect of our work.


Your professional advancement is intricately linked to the company's overall growth. Given our global clientele, working here opens the door for you to cultivate and steer your international career.

Professional Development

We aspire to make meaningful contributions from the private sector to society, acknowledging our social and ethical responsibility across various domains. Our commitment extends to actively participating in causes that safeguard the rights and well-being of individuals.

Corporate Social Responsibility

See Kenmei as the platform to unleash your potential and foster your professional growth. Our core value is to support our Kenmakers by providing tailored benefits, essential tools, conducive environments, and guidance, ensuring they not only thrive but also shine in their careers.


We offer a comprehensive range of company benefits to support our employees' well-being and enhance their overall work experience. We believe that investing in our employees' happiness and satisfaction contributes to a positive and productive work environment, fostering mutual success.


Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual and their distinct personal needs, we acknowledge that circumstances vary.


To cater to this diversity, Kenmei has embraced flexible working hours from Monday to Thursday, complemented by an extended intensive workday every Friday, a practice extended through July and August. 

Work-life Balance

Most of our workforce operates remotely, utilizing agile tools and methodologies to enhance collaboration and efficiency.

Additionally, our Headquarters in Valencia serves as a hub for Kenmakers who prefer a hybrid work model, allowing them the flexibility to seamlessly blend remote work with office-based tasks.

Remote work

Within the People & Talent Department, our aim is to provide coaching, guidance, and psychological support.

Our commitment extends beyond maximizing your professional potential; we aspire to be your pillars of support during challenging moments by creating a secure and confidential space for you.

People care service

We cherish the moments spent with our team and actively cultivate a sense of camaraderie. Throughout the year, we organize various events to bring all Kenmakers together, ensuring such gatherings occur at least during the summer and before the Christmas break.


Additionally, we continually initiate various activities throughout the year to foster and enhance social connections among our team members.


​At our company, we prioritize continuous learning and growth for our employees.

We provide internal training programs designed to enhance skills, foster professional development, and ensure that our team members are well-equipped with the knowledge needed to excel in their roles.

Training Programs

​At Kenmei, ensuring your importance is our top priority. We keep you connected and informed about our company's evolution through quarterly sessions led by our Management team.


The People & Talent team actively fosters communication, sharing newsletters with valuable information on training courses and ongoing initiatives. This proactive approach ensures your continuous growth and empowerment within the Kenmei community.


Unlock the advantage of tax-exempt services, including medical insurance and nursery checks, seamlessly integrated into your gross salary. This allows you to maximize your income by obtaining a greater amount while enjoying essential benefits.

Flexible Retribution

Participate in our referral program by recommending qualified candidates. When your referral joins the team, you'll be rewarded for your contribution. It's a simple way to collaborate and be recognized for helping us build an exceptional team.

Referral Program

​Gain access to an exclusive platform offering a multitude of discounts and benefits spanning various services, technological offers, restaurants, health services, and more.

Discount Platform

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