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Reduce processing costs by leveraging the same data across multiple solutions

Without a data fabric solution to manage and unify network data in an open format, CSPs struggle to reuse data across different use cases, complicating their ROI.


Without a Data Fabric, accessing and retrieving relevant network data may become cumbersome, slowing down decision-making processes.

Limited data accessibility

Lack of a data fabric can lead to inefficient data processing, making it difficult to analyze and derive actionable insights from the available information.

Inefficient data processing

Information may be scattered across various systems and databases, leading to data silos. This can hinder collaboration and prevent a comprehensive view of the network.

Data silos

As network demands grow, the absence of a data fabric may hinder scalability, making it challenging to handle increasing data volumes and evolving network requirements.

Reduced scalability

Inefficient data management without a data fabric can result in higher operational costs, as more time and resources are required to handle data-related tasks manually.

Higher operational costs

This deficiency hampers the system's ability to provide a holistic and integrated view, making it challenging to draw meaningful insights or detect patterns that may span different areas of the network.

Lack of multi-domain data correlation

Kenmei’s ADELE® Data Fabric leverages cloud-native services to create an open, cost-effective, scalable, and reusable data management solution.


The Data Fabric seamlessly supports multiple RAT (Radio Access Technology) and RAN (Radio Access Network) vendors.

01. Multi-vendor & Multi-RAT.

The data fabric operates within a multi-cloud architecture, utilizing the native services offered by each cloud platform.

02. Multi-cloud & native-services architecture.

The data source parsers excel in speed, surpassing other generic ETL solutions available in the market.

03. Fastest network data processors.

The solution is designed for open usage by CSPs at any stage in the data management process.

04. Open and accessible data structures.

The solution scales linearly in cloud resources based on the processing needs, ensuring efficient scalability as processing requirements increase.

05. Linearly scalable cloud-based solution.

The solution currently supports over 40 data processors, accommodating nearly all available telco data sources.

06. Support for 40+ telco data sources.

Kenmei's ADELE® Data Fabric is exclusively designed for telecommunications networks, maximizing efficiency and reusability for CSPs.


Our parsers feature an exclusive design that significantly reduces processing time, leading to cost savings. They outperform generic decoders in speed and efficiency.

Fastest telco data sources processors


Leveraging cloud-native services minimizes the initial hardware investment.

Mitigate the need for extensive hardware investments


CSPs can achieve substantial processing cost savings by leveraging the same data for multiple use cases.

Open formats enhance data reusability


Multi-cloud capabilities enable consistent solutions across diverse IT infrastructures.

Prevent getting tied to specific vendors


Leveraging native services reduces the requirement for allocating massive amounts of virtual machines (VMs).

Reduce the need of Virtual Machines allocation


Deploying the solution on CSPs' cloud, along with the use of native services, mitigates security breach risks.

Cloud deployment reduces security risks


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