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​Enhance operational efficiency, reduce manual errors, and streamline the management of network infrastructure with Network Automation


​Kenmei’s Energy Saving solution employs AI algorithms to optimally configure network power features thus reducing energy consumption while assuring network performance.

Energy Savings

​Kenmei automates the detection, classification, root-cause and geolocation of RF Interference using the most advanced Machine Learning techniques. 

Interference Analysis

Kenmei's Anomalies Management solution enables CSPs to detect network deviations and gain insights into their root causes, enhancing awareness and facilitating proactive issue resolutions.

Anomalies Management

​Kenmei's geolocation solution empowers CSPs to selectively process data based on analysis needs, achieving the highest accuracy and cost-efficiency in geolocation insights.


​Kenmei proposes a cloud-based network optimization solution, integrating multi-domain data sources and automating the analysis and resolution of network issues.

Network Optimization

​Kenmei automates Site Acceptance procedure using geolocation and performance reports, eliminating the necessity for field measurements.

Site Acceptance


Unleashing the power of our proven software solutions for maximum benefits

Our solutions empower CSPs to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and achieve unparalleled results. From robust analytics that provide actionable insights to seamless integration that fosters collaboration, each solution is strategically engineered to deliver tangible advantages.


Minimization of field measurements through the utilization of available data sources.


Achieving nationwide energy cost reduction through optimal network parameterization.


Enhanced data processing synergies through the strategic reutilization of Data Fabric.

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