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Vicent Soler, CEO



Vicent Soler is a co-founder & CEO of Kenmei Technologies. He has strong international technical background in mobile communications and entrepreuneur DNA. Prior to that, he co-founded and served as the CEO of Ingenia Telecom which was acquired by Astellia. During that tenure, he held several key management positions, such as Innovation Director and Deputy CTO.

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Javier Grau, COO



Javier Grau is a co-founder & COO of Kenmei Technologies. He has a track record of building customer and international partner relationships. He began his career as a researcher at the iTEAM research institute at the UPV. It was there that he met the team who founded Ingenia Telecom in 2007. At Ingenia Telecom, he held the position of COO. Following the acquisition by Astellia, he continued to oversee network optimization services at the company as Professional Services Director.

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Javier López, CTO



Javier Lopez is a co-founder & CTO of Kenmei Technologies. He is an experienced entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in working in different IT & Telecom management positions. At Ingenia Telecom, besides being co-founder he held the position of R&D Manager. Following the acquisition by Astellia, he continued as a senior innovation manager. 

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Ali Wansa, VP Sales


VP Sales

Ali Wansa is the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Sales at Kenmei Technologies a position he has held since 2019. Previously, he held international sales management positions in EMEA region and Middle East in the telecom industry. Ali has a track record of building customer and international partner relationships, and built his sales experience from engagements with companies such as Astellia, Colinear Networks, and Transwitch.

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David Gregori, Telco Director


Telco Director

David Gregori Bataller is the Telco Director at Kenmei Technologies. With more than 15 years of experience in the telecom industry , David has strong technical background in mobile communications. Prior to that, he held several key technical positions such as Technical authority. As Telco Director, he is responsible for evaluating and analyzing new, specific mobile network technologies, provide cross-functional support at the business level within the company and to encourage training and knowledge sharing.

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Guzmán Simarro, Software Development Director


Software Development Director

Guzman Simarro is the software development Director at Kenmei Technologies. As a software development Director he oversees development of the entire Kenmei product portfolio. He is an experienced IT executive who has spent most of his career in the telecom industry, developing software-based businesses and up to day technologies. Prior to join Kenmei, Guzman held several key leadership positions, such as technical lead and team manager. 

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Esther Martínez, People & Talent Director


People & Talent Director

Esther Martínez López is the People & Talent Director at Kenmei Technologies, a position she has held since 2022. Esther , with more than 10 years of experience in HR field, has a proven track record in strategic HR leadership, including her previous role as Chief People Officer at Between Technology. She holds a certification in Executive Coaching and her continuous pursuit of knowledge includes participation in Business programs at ESADE. In addition, Esther participates in various university programs as a lecturer in the field of human resources management. 

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Vicente Osa, Innovation Director


Innovation Director

Vicente Osa is the Innovation Director at Kenmei Technologies, a position he has held since 2021. Prior to this, he held pivotal positions, including Data Scientist and Senior Innovation Engineer, showcasing a distinguished career in the technology, telecommunications, and innovation sector. Vicente possesses a proven track record, with expertise spanning research, evidenced by his Ph.D. in Telecommunications, as well as engineering.

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Miguel López, Professional Services Director


Professional Services Director

Miguel López is the Professional Services Director at Kenmei Technologies since 2020 with over 20 years of experience and solid background in telecom industry. Before joining Kenmei, he held key roles at TeleworX, Nokia and Vodafone Spain. His expertise includes the design and assessment of mobile networks in various countries, contributing to prominent projects in Latin America, Africa, the United States, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico.

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Our founders are seasoned Telecom Engineers and serial entrepreneurs, boasting over two decades of invaluable experience in the industry.




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