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Kenmei Technologies joins forces at the 14th Workshop on Energy and Climate Change - 22-24 Nov 2023

With less than a couple of days to go until Telefónica’s 14th Global Workshop on Energy and Climate Change, Kenmei Technologies is excited to be a part of the conversation at this collaborative event, in which innovative ideas and presentations take place in order to address the current challenges and opportunities in terms of renewable energies and energy efficiency in our industry’s transformation.

Our company has been selected as one of the partners to contribute to the promotion of low-carbon economy and the Climate Action Plan [Telefónica annual Climate Action Plan - Telefónica (] established by Telefónica, offering solutions alligned with its global environmental strategy in different areas.

As a company deeply committed to sustainable practices, we recognize the urgency of addressing the climate change challenges that affect the overal cost of network operations and the revenues of Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Our participation in this honorable workshop represents our dedication to address these challenges through innovation, collaboration and the introduction of energy consumption reduction in our solutions.

There are several key focus areas in which Kenmei Technologies will actively engage during the discussions and presentations alongside the reference partners:

  • Energy saving solution platform based on AI with ease of integration.

  • List of “green” benefits such as field measurements reduction with the inclusion of power saving features and overall cost savings for operators per new deployed site.

  • Contributions to the nation-wide energy bill reduction thanks to automated solutions.

Connect with us throughout the workshop in this influential gathering dedicated to driving positive change for our planet. Together with our industry partners, we will make a lasting impact on our journey towards a sustainable future.

Join us on our schedule set for Wednesday 22th – Friday 24th November in São Paulo, Brazil.

We are ready to bring what the industry’s energy consumption requires!


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