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Kenmei boosts AI for Mobile Operators

With only a few days left until TM Forum’s #DTW23 - #Ignite event Copenhagen, Kenmei Technologies is proud to have been selected to pitch at the Next20 Startup Program and exhibit how our solution addresses the energy challenges ahead and the future of telco.

Our CEO, Vicent Soler, will have the opportunity to demonstrate how Kenmei is a part of the groundbreaking transformation and innovation in the Telco world thanks to AI.

Kenmei provides an AI-based network automation solution to find an answer to the two main challenges that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face nowadays:

  • Tough macroeconomic climate with declining revenues.

  • Increasing overall cost of network operations (salaries, energy, etc.)

The strategy in which our organization introduces valuable solutions for operators is based on four fundamental pillars:

  1. Cloud-based Data Orchestration.

  2. Network Digital Twin.

  3. AI-based algorithms.

  4. Processes automation.

ADELE Platform is a cloud-native software with different modules.

Our Data Fabric layer processes different telco-based data sources that can be combined and correlated to define the data models acknowledging the scope to enable specific applications.

Relevant in-depth analysis are guaranteed for the assembly of AI Applications that the platform offers to the engineering departments.

Further developments include Gen-AI Assistants that target the need for inmediate results to management roles.

With the orchestration of network data and the AI-based automation for Data Analytics, a range of profitable Case Studies have been crafted in order to address the variety of AI-Applications in the world of Telco.

We have carefully designed our platform ADELE within an energy-saving model, with which operators can function with several benefits:

  • > 4.5 % nation-wide energy bill reduction

  • 200 € savings per new deployed site.

  • 90% field measurements reduction.

  • 75% data-sources processing synergies.

Kenmei Technologies delivers value to the CSPs thanks to its years of partnership experience with Tier-1 operators, its flexible and scalable SaaS business model and its multi-cloud and open architecture.

Don’t miss the opportunity and join the telecommunications world on its next-level growth!



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