ADELE stands for Autonomous Decisions and Learning. It is a network intelligence solution that provides automation in classification, segmentation and resolution of network issues at different operational levels.


  • Use of expert systems and machine learning algorithms to provide best-in-class recommendations
  • Multiple and rich data sources are ingested and correlated
  • Multi-techno, multi-vendor solution, natively supporting from 3G to 5G
  • Massive solution capable of supporting nation-wide networks


  • Its advanced architecture implies a low hardware requirements footprint
  • The automated root-cause analysis provides standardization and objectivation of the analysis inside the operational teams
  • Takes advantage of multiple existing data sources in mobile operators, thus reducing the needs of additional measurement campaigns
  • Prioritizes network investments by different criteria such as performance impact and ROI
  • Values engineers’ work allowing them to put the focus on critical, non-automatable issues rather than on manual task