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Where to start when implementing AI?

Updated: May 25, 2022

During last Telco AI World Summit, Kenmei Technologies had the opportunity to share its company strategy during the Executive Panel where the biggest question when implementing AI in Mobile Operators was addressed, “Where do I start?”

This session counted with the presence of our CEO, Vicent Soler, who was presenting our experience in the sector when deploying different projects worldwide.

Many Mobile Operators are being challenged by the need of implementing AI in their businesses. In most of the cases, the are lost with the different techniques and complex approaches that request lots of specific skills that are not well identified internally in the organizations.

The introduction of these AI techniques require a clear understanding of AI’s final business impact before starting every project that could use this technology. In that sense it is very important to address the following questions:

  • What is the problem the business is trying to tackle?

  • Who is the primary consumer of the technology?

  • What is the business process that will host that technique?

  • How will the impact of implementing the technology be measured (compared to more traditional techniques)?

  • How will the value provided by the technology be monitored and maintained? And by whom?

  • Which of the subject matter experts from the lines of business can guide the development of the solution?

Above questions help organizations to identify their real needs before implementing any AI technique. At the end, establishing an AI strategy before first testing the organization’s readiness to adopt AI techniques is like establishing a battle strategy without knowing if your troops have been trained and prepared (unknown skills), without any intelligence regarding the enemy movements and capabilities (unknown data), zero knowledge about the weapon systems at your disposal (unknown technology), and no understanding of the objectives (unknown goals).

At Kenmei Technologies, we define the AI Journey as a set of steps that sequentially an organization need to apply before introducing any AI techniques:

  1. Use cases: Build a portfolio of impactful, measurable, and quickly solvable use cases

  2. Skills: Assemble a set of talents pertinent to the use cases to be solved.

  3. Data Fabric: Gather the appropriate data relevant to the selected use cases

  4. Technology: Select the AI techniques linked to the use cases, the skills, and the data by also identifying the need of use Cloud solutions. Public or private?

Finally, the organization must prepare the different involved teams to take profit from above methodology.

Following the proposed AI Journey, Mobile Operators can be ready to properly analyze the internal and external needs and the impact of introducing AI in their daily business. The value of AI needs to be always aligned with the corporate and business objectives to be part of the global organization and not only being applied as small projects that are not clearly providing the benefits for the whole company.

At Kenmei Technologies, we have designed ADELE®, the Telco Data Analytics Platform that is being used by many Mobile Operators worldwide to drive their AI Journey. ADELE® is a big-data native platform that features advanced AI algorithms for automating network processes. It's also a multi-cloud solution supporting and integrating several heterogeneous data sources, implementing an advanced and unified data model that allows clients to evolve with their digital transformation towards a data-driven business-model.

Implementing properly the AI by defining profitable Use Cases, identifying the right skills and the adequate data-fabric solution for deploying on top of it the required technologies will lead Mobile Operators to success. Kenmei Technologies, thanks to its ADELE® solution can accompany on this AI Journey.

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