Professional Services allow Kenmei Technologies to provide an agile, fast response to operators’ needs, bringing added-value network engineering


Telecommunication networks are becoming increasingly complex. Maintaining or improving performance without degrading network service quality is one of the biggest challenges for our customers.

Our Network Management services aim to assist our customers to overcome this challenge while preparing the ground for the introduction of the 5G, where a next level of automation will be mandatory.


As technology rapidly evolves, it’s more important than ever to have an innovation advisor on your side. Our team has an extensive record of trusted and innovative advisor, moreover in the critical task of introducing new technologies.

Our unique mix of passion, experience and technology skills, are the perfect solution for the most challenging and high-profile technology projects.


With big data and other new technologies being a reality almost everywhere, there is a huge universe of possibilities to access and combine information that was not previously at hand. Combining this information may be crucial to understand what is happening in the network, to introduce new services for the end users and to automate as much as possible manual tasks.

Our Professional Services are characterized by:


Delivering the highest quality projects to ensure customers’ satisfaction


Taking advantages of our development team and our in-house developed solutions


With a multi-disciplinary team with years of expertise in the telecoms domain