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Proven Market Benefits


Engineering Analysis Time

Leverage AI for automating analysis process reducing the time to resolution with a more accurate solution.


Effective Network Actions

Data history and correlation together with AI-Based Recommendation engine provide the most accurate actuations.


Total Cost of Ownership

Data Fabric entity provides a transversal data usage increasing the synergies between different CSP departments.

Live the ADELE 


Dive into ADELE® to learn more about the unique Telco Analytics Platform in the market.

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Telco Data Analytics Platform

Data Fabric

  • Big Data & Cloud Based Solution 

  • Augmented Data Catalog 

  • Multi-domain correlated data sources

AI-Based Use Cases

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Prescriptive Geo-Analytics

  • AIOps

Apply AI to Network Operations

ADELE® is pioneer in the implementation of AI Ops for Mobile Operator

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